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Experience a hunting and tourist adventure in Croatia and the heart of Europe.

Despite the fact that Croatia is a relatively small country, it is extremely large in its hunting offer. An exceptionally long hunting tradition, a variety of game and a variety of relief regions. Croatia is one of the few countries where, in just a few hours’ drive, you can hunt in different regions of Croatia, from the capital deer in Baranja in the far east, bears, wild boars in the mountains in central Croatia, chamois and mouflons on the Adriatic coast to Feral Goats in the far south of Croatia near Dubrovnik.

Croatia is also special because all types of European predators are available in just 40 minutes’ drive. Bear, jackal, fox can be hunted, and wolf and lynx can be seen.

Apart from the hunting destination, Croatia is also an exceptional country for vacation and nautical tourism, and numerous tour operators recommend it for family hunting tourism visits. Part of the KRPAN hunting offer is along the Adriatic coast itself, you can visit the most famous tourist destinations, Dubrovnik, Plitvička Jezera, Zagreb.Also, Croatia is widely known as a country of various gastronomic specialties, numerous vineyards and top winevarieties.

KRPAN professional hunting offers you a choice of accommodation from beautiful wooden mountain houses or tents to urban villas. Visit us and experience successful varieties of hunting throughout the year.

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