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Croatia: Mouflon - all year round; Chamois - from October 1st to January 31st , Slovenia: Mouflon - all year round; Chamois - from August 1st to January 31st

Chamois hunting

Croatia: Adriatic coast region, Slovenia: Alps, Triglav NP

We hunt the Balkan chamois in Croatia in the region of the massive Velebit mountain on the south side right above the coast of the Adriatic Sea (on the Karlobag-Senj stretch), while we hunt the Alpine chamois in Slovenia in the Alps – Triglav region (Triglav National Park).

For hunting in Croatia, we recommend arriving at Franjo Tudman Airport in Zagreb, while for Slovenia we recommend Brnik Airport in Ljubljana.

Wild chamois are hunted from the beginning of October until the end of January. The chamois, like the Feral Goat, is observed with binoculars and by stealth. The chamois has exceptional senses and is almost impossible to sneak up on at close range. Weapons with grooved barrels are used, with a maximum distance of 200 to 300 meters. For hunting, the minimum allowable kinetic energy of the grain at 100 meters is 2000 joules, and the minimum allowable weight of the grain is 4.80 grams.

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