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Feral goat hunt

South Dalmatia, Dubrovnik area

During the hunt, there is a possibility of shooting two to three Feral Goats per day, considering their number. We recommend hunting in the period from September to June – due to the high heat in the summer months on the Dalmatian islands. If you want to come with your family for hunting and vacation at sea in July or August, we hunt in the early morning and early evening hours due to lower temperatures.

The Feral Goat is hunted with binoculars and a stealth. Due to its exceptional senses, it is almost impossible to sneak up on it at a closer distance, so it is usually shot from 200 to 300 meters.

Weapons with grooved barrels are used for hunting. The minimum permitted kinetic energy of the grain at 100 meters is 2000 joules, and the minimum allowable weight of the grain is 4.80 grams while shooting at a maximum of 200 meters.

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