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from October 15th to February 28th


Depending on the weather conditions - we follow the woodcock from the North to theSouth, in the Karlovac region, Lika, and on the edge of the Adriatic Sea around Zadar and its islands for a period of 5 months.

KRPAN Professional Hunting – over 25 years of tradition and experience in professional hunting. Your hunting host isMladen Krpan. Our clients are hunters from all over the world. We speak 4 languages: English, German, Italianand Croatian.

Croatia is a relatively small country but large in its hunting offers. Extremely long hunting traditions with a diversity of wild games and relief regions. Within a few hours of driving from the capital Zagreb, you can hunt in different regions of Croatia. Red Stags in Baranja at the East, Bears and Wild Boars in the mountains of central Croatia, Chamois and Mouflons on the Adriatic coast to Feral Goats in the far south near Dubrovnik. You can also hunt Jackals and Foxes, as wellas see Wolves and Lynxes.

Croatia is exceptional for vacation and nautical tourism. You can visit the most famous tourist destinations, Dubrovnik, Plitvice Lakes and the capital Zagreb. We offer accommodations of your choice from beautiful wooden mountain houses or tents to urban villas. Visit us and experience a successful and diverse hunt and vacation throughout the year.

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